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So Glad You Have Found Us!

Mothers with Sons provides a warm, supportive, judgement-free, women-only place to call home. We maintain an atmosphere of respect, peace, and harmony. Whatever you're dealing with, there's someone here who has already been through it, is going through it along with you, or will be going through it next week. We are a very close knit group of women who share one thing in common...we are all raising sons. We share our trials and tribulations, our successes and failures, our times of joy and sorrow, and the concerns and triumphs that come with parenting our loud, lovable, loud, rambunctious, loud, infuriating, loud, adorable, loud, energetic...and did we mention LOUD?... sons.

More importantly, we are a group of women...first and foremost, just that...women! We share our thoughts and feelings about EVERYTHING in our lives. You will find a very diverse group of intelligent women inside from all walks of life and from all over the globe. We have forged very real relationships...some of us have met in person...many of us have been members since we first opened a group in MSN back in 1999. We are ALWAYS eager to welcome new members into our midst. Here in MWS, you will find the most genuine and caring cyber companions on the web. In fact, we are so certain of that...we offer a money-back guarantee (kidding...this is a free forum - no money is ever involved). Wink  The friendships you create here will be PRICELESS...and that we can assure you, is a REAL guarantee!

So...what are you waiting for?
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